Opening A Bar And Restaurant? Improve Your Efficiency With This Must-Have Equipment

Posted on: 29 June 2016


Apart from the obvious glassware and liquor itself, you are going to need to make sure that you have the right bar equipment on hand to ensure that you can run a successful bar and restaurant. Without it, you cannot guarantee that you will be profitable. Here is a brief look at some specific types of restaurant bar equipment that you will need to improve your efficiency:

Back Bar Refrigerators/Coolers

Commercial back bar refrigerators and coolers are specifically designed to store beverages behind the bar. They have a very low profile and will slide directly underneath the countertop and out of the way. This will ensure that your beverages are easy and quick to access as well as always chilled so that you can keep your customers happy. These come in a variety of styles to fit your needs, including sliding-top, reach-in, keg and flat-top bottle coolers. You can find them with glass or solid doors, depending on your preferences. For added durability, consider a stainless steel exterior.

Bar Speed Rails

If you have never worked in a bar before, you may think that you can just set the liquor bottles on the counter. However, this is not the safest option. If the bartender is in a hurry, he or she may accidentally knock one of the bottles over. Bar speed rails can help keep the bottles in an upright position – or at the very least, keep them from falling onto the floor and breaking if they are knocked over. These rails come in an assortment of lengths, shapes and sizes, and they are designed to help keep mixers and bottles of liquor as organized as possible and within reach. If you plan on a high-volume of liquor use, you may want to consider a double-tier speed rail.

Bar Sinks

The bar sink is definitely not the most enticing purchase you will make as you make your purchases, but it is a necessary one. After all, without the sink, you will not be able to maintain clean and sanitized glassware for your bar patrons, which equates to an unsuccessful bar and restaurant. Before you purchase a bar sink, check with your local health department to find out if there are specific health codes that dictate the number of compartments that your sink must have to ensure you make the correct purchase the first go around. As a general rule, though, if your space allows it, you do want to opt for a sink with multiple compartments so that you can wash dishes, hold clean ice, and dispose of food , all at the same time.