5 Different Uses For Citric Acid

Posted on: 12 July 2021


Citric acid is naturally found in all citrus fruits. In addition to the natural citric acid found in fruit, there is a manufactured version used in various industries for a wide range of purposes.

#1: Food Industry

First, citric acid is most commonly used in the food industry. It is commonly used as a preservative, as it can help keep both jarred and canned food fresh for a longer period of time when it is added to the mixture. Like lemon juice, it can help keep items from turning brown, such as sliced apples, and is often sprinkled on fresh-cut produce.

In addition to acting as a preservative, it can also act as a thickening agent in some types of food. Or it can be used for its flavor component. When enough is added to a food, it can have a slightly sour flavor. You will find citric acid on the ingredient list for a lot of different foods.

#2: Medicine

Next, citric acid can be used in a variety of different medications. It can be used topically to help clear up skin infections. You will often see it as an ingredient in acne skin medications.

It is also often used to help with digestion issues, such as reducing acid in the urine or help to reduce kidney stones. It is used in different medications to help control acid in the body and deal with acid build-up inside the body. Sometimes, it is used for its preservative-like qualities in medicines as well.

#3: Supplements

Citric acid is also used as a supplement. This type of supplement, like the medication, is used to help prevent kidney stones.

#4: Household Cleaners

When you look at household cleaners, you may use citric acid in a variety of different cleaners. It can help to remove stains, and it can help with odor issues. It is often found in dishwasher detergent or in cleaners that boast of having some sort of citrus flavor to them to help fight against odors.

#5: Disinfectants

Citric acid can also help to kill viruses and bacteria. It is found in things that are designed to kill fungus and algae. It can be found in hand sanitizer and even insect spray. Some cleaners that have disinfectant properties also contain it.

There are many ways to use citric acid in things such as food, medicine, supplements, disinfectants, and household cleaners. You can purchase it in bulk from a supplier, who will be able to deliver you the large quantities you need. Reach out to a citric acid chemical supplier for more information.