4 Reasons To Enjoy Artisan Gelato Pints

Posted on: 14 September 2021


Gelato is a type of frozen confection developed in Italy. While some people use the terms gelato and ice cream interchangeably, these two treats are different in a few significant ways. Like ice cream, gelato is an excellent treat on a hot summer day or a quiet evening at home. Here are some great reasons to enjoy artisan gelato pints:

1. Snack on a lower-fat frozen treat.

Gelato is made from milk, sugar, and flavorings. Like ice cream, gelato has a rich and creamy flavor. However, gelato is lower in fat than many American ice creams. Because gelato is so finely churned, it contains less air than other types of ice cream, which means it loses fat content without losing any richness. If you're trying to watch your weight and clean up your diet, replacing your typical pint of ice cream with a pint of artisan gelato is a smart choice.

2. Enjoy your treat to the fullest.

Many people try to enjoy sweets in moderation in order to safeguard their health. If you only have frozen desserts occasionally, you should make the most of the experience. Instead of choosing cheap, low-quality ice cream, choose an artisan gelato pint for your treat. Artisan gelato pints are made from the best ingredients to create fresh, delicious flavors. A little bit of gelato can satisfy you with its creamy, sweet taste.

3. Avoid the need to share.

When you have an especially delicious treat, sharing may be the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, when you purchase artisan gelato pints, you don't have to share. A pint of gelato is the perfect size for one person. You can enjoy your artisan gelato in one sitting or save some for later. Each member of the family can have their own pint of gelato, and they can be stacked in the freezer for easy and compact storage.

4. Enjoy old favorites and new flavors.

Artisan gelato comes in as many flavors as ice cream does. You can enjoy classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can also try more adventurous flavors like espresso bean and mint chocolate chip. Each artisan gelato maker offers its own set of flavors, so you can try signature pints crafted by your favorite manufacturers. Whether you like to have the same flavor day in and day out or you prefer to experiment, artisan gelato pints can satisfy your cravings.

Reach out to a local artisan gelato company, such as Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy, to learn more.