The Benefits Of Buying Small Pecan Halves

Posted on: 2 December 2021


When it comes time to order pecans, you might be surprised by how many options you have. You can order chopped pecans, large pecans, and even small pecans. Deciding which option to order may be harder than you'd assume. If you plan on putting the pecans into a batter or cookies, then buying chopped pecans is probably the best and most affordable option. Outside of that, though, buying small pecan halves is often your best choice. Here's why.

They cost less than large pecan halves.

For some reason, perhaps because people love when things are big and impressive, larger pecan halves tend to be more sought-after than smaller ones. Because of this, the larger pecan halves tend to sell at a higher price. As such, you'll pay significantly less for small pecan halves than for the large ones as there's simply less demand. But paying less does not mean you're getting an inferior product. Small pecan halves taste just the same as larger ones. You can use them in all the same ways, and they perform the same when you cook with them. By buying small pecan halves rather than large ones, you're basically getting the same item, just on a smaller scale.

They're easier to distribute and sprinkle.

If you plan on using any of the pecan halves as a topping, such as for ice cream or other desserts, then you will be better off with small ones. They are easier to pick up and sprinkle because of their size. Plus, when you have small pecan halves, you can give each person a few more. A sundae topped with ten small pecan halves can look more impressive than one topped with six large pecan halves because people tend to dwell on the number of nuts, rather than the size.

You'll probably have fewer broken ones.

Larger pecan halves tend to be more fragile, which means they break more easily as they get tossed around inside their packaging. Smaller ones glide over each other more easily and are less likely to break. So, when you purchase small pecan halves, you'll have fewer nut pieces in the bottom of the bag to find a use for.

While small pecan halves may initially sound inferior to large ones, they're really not. Buying the biggest nuts available is often not worth it since the smaller ones are generally cheaper, more versatile, and less likely to break. For more information, contact a company like Selman Nut Co.