Look For A Local Natural Grocery Shop For Your Family's Health

Posted on: 9 June 2022


Food labels can be confusing. Not the labels required by the FDA that list the ingredients and nutrition in the food, but the labels manufacturers stick on the front. Words like organic, natural, and healthy food may all seem to mean the same thing but in fact, are different. The thing is if you are really trying to eat better and help the community, you should frequently shop at a local natural grocery store

Organic vs Natural vs Healthy

The first thing to understand is the difference between organic, natural, and healthy labels on food. Organic means it was grown without any artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Organic meats come from animals that had no antibiotics or hormones and were fed only organic grains. Natural foods are those that do not have any artificial or synthetic ingredients and have no additives. Healthy food means that it has not had as much processing as many foods in a grocery store. These foods may be natural or organic but do not have to be.

Because of the lack of pesticides and fertilizers, organic food is harder to produce. The yields are smaller and the crops themselves may not look as pretty. Organic food is more expensive because the farmer will not have as much to sell. 

Local Natural Grocery Shop

If you are lucky enough to find a local natural grocery shop, you should do as much of your shopping there as possible. These shops often have organic food selections when they are available. The other items they have will always be true natural foods. Because the shop carries both organic and natural, the owner can lower the price on the organic a bit. A big corporate store takes advantage of the term organic and prices them much higher than other foods, even those that would be considered natural.

When the shop is locally owned, the shopkeeper goes out of their way to buy from local farms. They will buy from farms a bit farther away but make sure the goods are transported when freshly picked. They will also do their best to buy at the lowest price possible to save you money. When you buy from them the money goes directly to the farmers in the community, helping families stay in the family business.

The next time you go grocery shopping, take a few minutes to look for a local natural grocery shop. You can always go to the corporate stores for things not available there.